From Oded Cohen and Jelena Fedurko

The objective of TOC Strategic Solutions is to provide access to the TOC knowledge, solutions and experience. We want to bring the TOC expertise to those who want to learn and use it. We want to share the profound knowledge as well as the practicalities of implementing and integrating the TOC solutions in companies. Together we have over 45 years experience of making it happen – all over the world The joy of working with TOC is not only the realization of the potential of companies but also the understanding and the underlying logic of what works and what does not work. It gives the opportunity to build Management as a professional building career.

Our programs cover all the major TOC solutions.

They are based on years of personal and collective experience and have been checked while working with multiple companies.

Whatever we teach is practical, logical and provides results.

We proceed from the firm belief that the role of a manager is to ever improve the performance of the systems under their responsibility. Our experience of working in different parts of the globe proves that commitment to managing on the basis of cause and effect logic, perseverance and consistency in applying TOC tools and solutions brings sustainable results. We have seen that while teaching and supporting TOC implementations in Japan, India, China, South Africa, Israel, Turkey, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

We call our company TOC Strategic Solution. Each one of the solution has the potential of significantly improve the performance of the company and securing competitive edge that can enable the growth of the company. This is why we recommend that these solutions should be incorporated as a part of the company strategy.

We are looking forward to continuation of this exciting journey and to bringing expertise and combined knowledge of TOC world-wide community to our students and companies in various parts of the world.

A bit of history:

Oded’s journey with TOC started over thirty years ago. In 1978, while Oded was the head of a computer department in a large Israeli defense company he met Dr. Eli Goldratt. At these days Eli Goldratt had a smart scheduling software – OPT (Optimized Production Technologies). Oded benchmarked the software against the existing system and got outstanding improvements in manufacturing performance of the company. After having moved to a machine building company for the semiconductor industry (in 1980) where he was in charge of final assembly and installation Oded implemented the Goldratt solutions there as well.

In 1982 Oded joined Goldratt’s company – Creative Output and went to the UK to open there a subsidiary. Creative Output implemented the software with the necessary changes to the management approach, procedures and policies. All were with outstanding results. In 1986 Oded moved to Goldratt Institute. The mission was to develop the conceptual foundation of the solutions for managing systems and organizations. This was a true journey on POOGI – the process of ongoing improvement.In 2001 Oded left Goldratt Institute and moved to the Goldratt Group as the international director of Goldratt Schools.

Jelena joined Goldratt Schools in 2005. By then Jelena had already had over 6 years of TOC experience. She had translated to Russian Eli Goldratt’s books “The Goal”, “It’s Not Luck”, “Critical Chain” “Goldratt’s Satellite Program” “Insights”TOC, developed teaching materials, taught and assisted manufacturing and distribution companies in Russia and Ukraine in implementing TOC solutions. Since 2007 Jelena worked with Goldratt Schools as Regional Director for Russian Speaking Regions, and later she also took the responsibility for GS activities in Europe. Since 2005 Oded and Jelena have run together tens of programs developing TOC experts and practitioners, developing training material and assisting in TOC implementations all over the world.

Oded and Jelena’s contribution to developing the TOC body of knowledge is recorded in their books and publications.

  • Oded Cohen & Domenico Lepore: Deming and Goldratt, 1999

  • Oded Cohen: Ever Improve – A Guide to Managing Production the TOC Way, 2008

  • Jelena Fedurko: Behind the Cloud – Enhancing logical thinking, 2011

As contributing authors:

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  • Jelena Fedurko: Practical aspects of implementing Critical Chain Project Management CCPM – Examples of implementation procedures. An article in Project Management The TOC Way, by Goldratt Schools, 2009.

  • Oded Cohen: The TOC Solutions for Make-to-Order (MTO) and Make-to-Availability (MTA) An article in TOC for Production Management, by Goldratt Schools, 2010.

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