The objective of TOC Strategic Solutions is to provide access to the TOC knowledge, solutions and experience. We want to bring the TOC expertise to those who want to learn and use it. We want to share the profound knowledge as well as the practicalities of implementing and integrating the TOC solutions in companies. Our programs cover all the major TOC solutions. Each one of the solution has the potential of significantly improve the performance of the company and securing competitive edge that can enable the growth of the company.

The comprehensive program TOC Strategic Solutions encompasses 6 directions:

  • Strategic Solutions program – 4-day and 2-day modules covering TOC applications for production, project management, supply chain management, distribution and retail, marketing and sales, people management, Thinking Processes

  • Practicums (2-day modules dealing with practical aspects of the TOC solutions) – 3 levels covering all logistical areas

  • Certification Programs for TOC Trainer in logistical and Tinking Processes areas to train people to use the material of Strategic Solution program

  • Strategic Sessions

  • Customized programs

  • Implementation support